photos by Lady Cascades


Hi, I’m Grace,

I met the love of my life on December 19th, 2017. Her name is Winter, and she has my eyes. She gave me purpose when I had none. She gave me life when I thought I’d lost mine. She reminded me of all the reasons why I first picked up a camera. To document life. To pause time. To remember.

Nothing makes my heart beat faster than giving that gift to others. The sweet moments shared between two people in love. The smiles and glances. The hugs. The laughter. The tears.

We’re all in this together, on a rock flying through space at a million miles an hour. We are tired, and busy, and so often we forget about the things that matter most. Years pass, and the only proof we have are a few photos on our phones. But life is too short, and far too precious to forget, so let’s pause time together, and relive the beautiful moments again, and again, and again.


Meet the Team 


Portland, Oregon

Courtney likes to laugh at silly things, and cry at sillier things.  She loves every animal alive, but especially dogs and goats. She dressed up as Ron Weasley for a Harry Potter premier three separate times. She eats carrots by the pound, and drinks coffee by the gallon. She likes walking around outside without shoes on, even if she gets splinters.


Oahu, Hawaii

Randi is a Southern California girl at heart who currently lives in Oahu with her husband, a pilot who nerds out on all things movie related and loses it over fluffy dogs. She has a thing for the ocean and paddle boarding is her favorite way to experience it. Hiking is also her jam and there's nothing she loves more than getting outdoors. She’s obsessed with craft breweries, too. She called out her guy for being nerdy but the truth is, so is she (think Guardians of the Galaxy + Final Fantasy) and she can never pass up a good dad joke.


Maui, Hawaii

Sharon grew up on the beautiful island of Maui where she met and married her husband. She has enjoyed photographing and filming for years, whether it has been professionally or for personal projects. Aside from photography, Sharon has a passion for food and beverage. She will always have the top recommendations on where to get the best craft cocktails and coffee on any island!