Banff National Park, Alberta Helicopter Elopement


Raphaela and Deming

Visiting Banff National Park has been on our bucket list for years, so when Raphaela and Deming first reached out to us about their elopement plans, we probably passed out with excitement. We'll never forget the email they sent months later when they asked if it would be ok if they booked a helicopter to take into the mountains. WOULD IT BE OK? ARE YOU KIDDING ME. What a total dream come true. After months of hoping and praying that the weather would cooperate, the day finally came, and it was perfection. We started the day high into the mountains of Marval Pass, where they read their vows, and then we drove up to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world Peyto Lake, and finally we finished the evening at Bow Lake during a stormy and moody sunset.

Huge congrats to Raphaela and Deming. This is an experience we will never forget. Thank you for having us along for the ride.


From the Bride

"We were in Tokyo, after a camping trip in Western Mongolia. It was super hot and muggy and disgusting and when we woke up that morning, he said he was going to shower and dress nice. I was like "what's the point? We're just going to get gross the minute we step outside!" So I didn't shower. I didn't understand why he was so insistent on visiting a park and being outside. Once we got to the park, I beelined for a bench in the shade, but he asked that we keep walking a little longer. Then he stopped some passersby and asked them to take our photo, which annoyed me because, as I mentioned, I was super sweaty and disgusting. But then he got down on one knee and proposed. :) (There are pictures, which he loves, but I don't let him show anyone)

We've had the trip to Banff planned since late last year but weren't planning for it to be our wedding trip. Since we both knew that we wanted to do something really small and private, we were planning to do it in 2018 (when we'll have our honeymoon), but then we decided it would be cool to do it in this place we've been dreaming about going forever. "

Venue: Marval Pass, Alberta Canada | Makeup and Hair: The Pretty Haus | Helicopter: Alpine Helicopters | Flowers: Willow Flower Co | Officiant: Rick Kunelius |

Huge thanks to my road trip buddy and second shooter Catalina Jean Photography!!